Client Implementation

Why might your site need travel content?

We provide content to major hotel chains, airlines, web portals, mobile providers, personal navigation devices and social networking sites. Our content can increase web traffic by improving and expanding search results, thereby keeping users engaged and active on the site. We take impeccable care to maintain a consistent and authoritative tone for all of our points of interest descriptions and this helps us guarantee that your site or application remains a dependable source of information.

We want our clients to have the best experience possible on your site or portal. Our content, with its extensive scope and comprehensiveness can be fully customized so that it optimizes the user experience, creates customer loyalty and brand engagement also. Additionally, our products are translated into myriad languages, thereby providing the ability to open up new international markets. And our ticketing and transactional capabilities allow you to turn this traffic into direct revenue as wcities works with many leaders in the travel industry to bring rich event and destination information to people around the world.

Some examples on how our clients have implemented our travel content:



Yahoo Travel uses our content to keep users informed and engaged on their Yahoo Travel pages. Yahoo combines both our content alongside UGC (user-generated content) to help people make more informed decisions and purchases. With coverage for over 1900 city guides from wcities, Yahoo uses its worldwide audience to drive revenue for their other travel partners.



The successful implementation of our content to the CityScouter application has garnered rave reviews and is consistently rated as one of the best travel apps on the market today. CityScouter presents an engaging, informative and comprehensive overview of world cities, from restaurants and bars, to museums and attractions, and what’s more, it is completely done offline!

Our Clients