Ancillary revenue

Embracing technology has been another cornerstone of our ancillary revenue strategy. We've integrated advanced connected car services into our vehicles, offering subscription-based features such as premium infotainment systems, real-time vehicle monitoring, and regular over-the-air software updates. This not only differentiates our products in the market but also establishes a continuous revenue stream. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of automotive technology ensures that our customers benefit from cutting-edge features, while we, in turn, capitalize on the ongoing demand for connected services.

Furthermore, we have forged strategic partnerships within the automotive ecosystem. Collaborations with insurance providers, financing institutions, and other relevant service providers have allowed us to create comprehensive bundled packages. This approach not only simplifies the purchasing process for our customers but also opens up additional revenue channels through insurance premiums, financing fees, and extended service plans. By aligning ourselves with key players in the industry, we've strengthened our position in the market and created a more holistic offering that caters to the diverse needs of our customers, ultimately contributing to the success and sustainability of our business.