To provide customized content tied to a users itinerary all based on a travel suppliers confirmation email.


Utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, our platform extracts key information from a user's travel supplier confirmation email to offer a curated list of attractions perfectly aligned with their itinerary. Whether it's historical landmarks, cultural hotspots, or hidden gems, our personalized recommendations enhance the travel experience by providing tailored suggestions, ensuring users make the most of their journey based on their specific interests and schedule.


Harnessing advanced data parsing capabilities, our platform decodes a user's travel supplier confirmation email to deliver a bespoke selection of restaurants perfectly synced with their itinerary. From local favorites to culinary gems, our personalized recommendations consider the user's preferences, ensuring they savor the best dining experiences at each destination, all seamlessly tailored to their travel schedule.


Through advanced email parsing technology, our platform transforms details from a user's travel supplier confirmation email into tailored event recommendations, seamlessly integrated with their itinerary. From concerts and festivals to local gatherings, users receive personalized suggestions that align with their travel schedule, ensuring they stay engaged with the vibrant events and cultural happenings at each destination.

Bar & Cafe

Employing sophisticated parsing algorithms, our platform intelligently analyzes a user's travel supplier confirmation email to curate a personalized list of bars and cafes along their itinerary. By considering preferences and travel schedule, our recommendations ensure users discover the perfect spots for a relaxing coffee or vibrant nightlife, enhancing their journey with tailored and enticing options for every moment of their trip.