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Our team of international writers and editors produces and maintains the world’s premier database of authoritative travel content. With essential travel guides in multiple languages for over 400 cities across the globe, wcities is the perfect travel companion.

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Ford Motor Co. launches wcities content on Sync infotainment system
Ford Motor Company now employs a wcities point-of-interest data set within its patented on-board SYNC navigation technology and with the implementation of travel data on this platform, Ford has exceeded consumer demand for an all-in-one infotainment system. Now, drivers and passengers can now find all relevant location based events and destinations with a single voice command. Not only does this technology allow for voice-activated control, but it also allows for numerous connectivity options to your favorite mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPod and many others.
Our new product for both mobile and web platforms offers the best in event based entertainment, with a comprehensive scope that covers concerts, events for families, local bands, theater, sports, festivals and many more. Additionally, eventseeker provides even more than just one particular category, as you can find anything of particular interest with more than 300 sub-categories.

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